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Oct 2, 2012 4:00pm EDT
into the issue of the operating system though. >>> the world famous hollywood sign in los angeles is getting a makeover. the giant letters will be stripped down to the bare metal and then they'll get a brand new coat of white paint. the project started today and will last for the next ten weeks. the renovation comes just in time for the landmark's 90th birthday next year. it was built back in 1923 to help promote a new real estate development. back then called hollywood land. the last four letters were later removed. >>> first lady michelle obama is opening up about what she may get the president for their 20th wed go anniversary tomorrow. she visited the new steve harvey talk show. she talked about her marriage to the president and how hard he is to shop for. >> i've gotten him every golf thing that you can imagine. so i had to really dig deep on this one. >> can i tell you something? that's on the bucket list for me. >> golf? >> to play golf with your husband. >> oh. i could give that to him as a gift. [ laughter ] >> getting the gift. she can make that happen. the first lady also
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
in the studio audience, right? [cheering] if you're going to be in the los angeles area and would like free tickets go to or call 323-461-7445. >> ross leftny approximately $500,000 worth of debt. i still currently teach dance and make $100 a week. i have no money. i can't run the household because i can't pay the electric. i turned to food stamps. they won't give me food stamps because he is still in the house. i tried selling the last piece of jewelry i had. he is going to federal prison, vel bed, food, health insurance. my daughter and i, however, we're going to be, like, winging it. thanks. >> ross, are you there? >> i'm still here. >> what do you think about what your daughter had to say and the conversation she and i have just had? >> that's really the heart of the issue with me wanting laura to move out four and a half years ago. because laura chose to live this alternative lifestyle while still maintaining residence in the family home, it has literally destroyed sibling relationships, relationships between me and kala. this is laura's controlling way of just, i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2